Jiangsu Runyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd, a new private enterprise established in accordance with the modern enterprise system. The company is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of amino molding plastics. Company is located at No. 22, Wenxi West Road, Taixing Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. Taixing Economic Development Zone was established in 1991. The park was named the “China Fine Chemicals (Taixing) Development Park” by the China Petrochemical Association. It has great potential for development and obvious location advantages.

       The company's amino molding plastic products are sold well in China and exported to Southeast Asia and other countries. The company's shareholders are engaged in the production and sales of amino molding plastic products for many years, accumulating and building a certain market position, with rich customer resources and a sound sales network, and have a high market share and influence in the domestic market (domestic sales) of amino mold tableware raw materials. Our customers are from the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Bohai Bay and other regions, the export market (export) occupancy rate is more than 10%.

       Since establishment, the company has been following the requirements of high starting point, high standards and high efficiency. The company has established long-term cooperative relationships with law firms and accounting firms that have the qualifications for consulting companies to guide and help the company's management, build and perfect a set of modern enterprise management systems that meet the company's development requirements. The company strengthens basic management, strengthens the construction of its own sales team, and combines key regional development goals to carry out sales manpower layout, and establish competitive and attractive sales support measures and incentive policies...

Provide high-quality and low-cost products to meet the needs of users and ensure excellent service


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